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BlackBerry smartphones are not just for business. As it turns out, the BlackBerry is for gaming, too. We show you how to leverage the BlackBerry Java Development Environment (based on Java ME) to design and create fun and sophisticated game applications, from role playing to a Jedi knight battle. In this book, we give you the professional techniques for using music, action, graphics for building gorgeous user interfaces, scalable vector graphics, basic game actions, peer to peer games, role playing games, and more. Along the journey, you can take what you have learned to create very cool games, such as Battlin' Light Saber, a toy sports car driving, and the Fox and Hounds GPS game.

What you’ll learn


[Monet with an early black beret]


  • All the book's code is here, either downloadable as a single zip file (4.34 MB), or on a chapter-by-chapter basis from each chapter's page.
    Last updated: 7th March 2010.
    Mastering the Basics

  • Chapter 1. Gaming on BlackBerry!

  • Chapter 2. BlackBerry Application Basics
    Why are there two types of BlackBerry Java applications? What are all those crazy files the compiler generated? And – most importantly – how do I get an application complied and running on my BlackBerry smartphone? Chapter 2 will answer all of these questions, plus help you set up a professional build with Ant.

  • Chapter 3. Game Graphics and Events with MIDP and RIM Classes
    Using the classic Maze game as an example, you'll see exactly how the two types of BlackBerry Java applications differ. You get an in-depth look at how the lifecycle, events, and graphics work in both cases so you'll be ready to develop whichever kind is best suited to your game's needs.

  • Chapter 4. Adding a Professional Look and Feel
    Gorgeous graphics are critical for the game experience. To get your game's visual theme pixel-perfect on every model, BlackBerry gives you the tools, and Chapter 4 explains how to use them.

  • Chapter 5. Security and Selling Your Game
    As much as you love games for their own sake, at the end of the day it's nice to get paid. In Chapter 5 you'll see how to sell your game on BlackBerry App World (or on your own site) – plus how to apply the cryptography APIs to implement licensing and Digital Rights Management.

  • Chapter 6. Swingin' Light Saber
    With action, music, sound-effects, colliding game sprites, and even touch-screen input, Andrew shows you how to put it all together and develop a real game. Plus BlackBerry's accelerometer lets you wield your saber like a true RIM-i Knight!

    Exploring Further!
    The second half of this book takes you beyond the basic games. See how exciting games can be when you add a little imagination to advanced features like 2 and 3-D graphics, network communications with other players, GPS, and more!

  • Chapter 7. Play a Live Opponent with SMS
    That classic, tiny packet of data sent by the Short Message Service is still a favorite with users and operators alike. And it's all you need to play a trans-atlantic game of Checkers with a friend – chosen from your BlackBerry contact list!

  • Chapter 8. Using Scalable Vector Graphics
    2-D graphics are easy to master and allow you to create surprisingly impressive effects. Check out Chapter 8's spinning spaceship video and learn the tricks to create it.

  • Chapter 9. Creating Role-Playing Games on the Internet
    Since Internet everywhere is BlackBerry's strong point, it was practically born for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)! Chapter 9 uses Twitter to create a virtual asteroid belt that you can explore and find real people in their own virtual ships.

  • Chapter 10. Remotely Drive a (toy) Sports Car
    What's more fun than driving a remote controlled car? Driving one from your BlackBerry! Andrew illustrates Bluetooth programming in style.

  • Chapter 11. Fox and Hounds
    Here's something your stationary game console can't do: a real live game of hot pursuit – based on GPS!

  • Chapter 12. Introducing 3D with JSR 239
    Have a look at what the latest-and-greatest version 5 BlackBerry smartphones can do! Andrew explains 3-D graphics with OpenGL.

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