[Tweet Space Game PIC] Chapter 9.   Creating Role-Playing Games on the Internet


Internet-friendliness is one of BlackBerry's biggest draws. Being able to access your email (and the rest of the Internet) while you're on the go is essentially the whole point of having a BlackBerry smartphone. So creating a social game (using the Internet) is a fun way to build on the BlackBerry platform's strengths!

The Internet allows you to create a universe for your game where everyone in the world who is currently playing the game can (virtually) find each other. Group games of this type have existed practically ever since people figured out how to network two terminals together, and they perennially rank among the most popular (and addictive) games on the market! And the really fun part the social interaction with live, intelligent opponents is one thing that a BlackBerry smartphone can deliver as well as a PC or a game console.

In this chapter, you'll see how to make the "Tweet Space" game, which is a game where you explore a virtual asteroid belt in a virtual spaceship and meet real people there (flying their own virtual spaceships). The game uses the Twitter social networking platform as the server component to transfer the messages among the players. The picture at the top of the page shows what the finished game looks like.




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